FW2017 Midzi Collection

A 14 piece collection that was inspired by our African culture and the Zimbabwean heritage where our founder is from. "Midzi" is a Shona word which means "Roots".The collection celebrates the African woman, her strength, courage, history, awareness, and assimilation of the modern world. This collection is the story of our founder and her journey to becoming the person/woman that she now is. She had not been to Africa for a very long time ever since she came to the USA as a student some many years ago. At some point in her personal growth, she started a personal journey to finding herself.  She realized that everything she had always been searching for was always within her. Instead of looking outward for inspiration and purpose, she started looking inward. In so doing she reached deeper and went back to her roots, her truth, and her essence to find her voice and point of view as a creative. It is from this self-liberation and re-falling in love with the richness of the African culture that the collection just oozed out of her. It came from a place of authenticity and truth. She no longer wanted to be like anyone else as an artist or as a person, but to be her own self and celebrate all that makes her different. Which has always been and will always be her African culture and her appreciation for other different types of fabrics as well. She came to the conclusion that embracing your culture in your creativity is not a creative limitation but creative liberation. Dare to be different! Dare to be you and all that which makes you unique.