About Us

Mory Jay celebrates the modern African woman and bridges the gap between culture and fashion.

Mory Jay was launched in June 2017 by Memory Jora, who is also the Creative Designer of the brand.  Memory is a former accountant originally from Zimbabwe, who left the business world to pursue her love and passion for fashion. Becoming a fashion designer and creating her own brand was always a long life dream of hers. While she was still in high school, back in Zimbabwe, and drawing fashion sketches for her classmates and friends. She decided that she needed to come up with a unique name for herself that she would use as a signature on all her sketches. She and her friends agreed on the name  "MoryJay" a play on letters of her first name and last name. From then on the name stuck, and thus a brand name was created.

To Memory, fashion is an extension of herself that is embedded in everything else which she aspires to be. She believes that clothes should be made to empower women and enhance how they feel about themselves. This is something that became even more apparent to her when she worked in the uniform industry. At that point in her fashion career, she was creating and altering uniforms for the first responder market such as policemen and firefighters. These uniforms were not only designed and created to be functional but also empowered those who wore them and gave them a unique sense of identification. She promised herself that once she started her brand, she would want the clothes she made to serve a similar sense of gratification to the individuals that wore them.

Through her experience doing custom designing while still in design school and after graduation, she decided that the two most important things in a garment are fit and construction. The garment should be so well made that it looks like it is an extension of the woman who wears it. She also aspires to celebrate her African heritage and infuse elements of the culture in all her creations.

Her aim through this brand is to make clothes that not only empower women but to create unique and timeless pieces that are well made and well fitted to last a lifetime.